Contact CDC Animal Therapy to discuss your pet’s individual case. Alternatively, you can use our booking system. Your booking will only be confirmed once all the pre-requisites are fulfilled. You will need to contact your Veterinary practice and obtain their acknowledgement via Veterinary Practice Form which can be downloaded here.


Once the Veterinary Practice Form has been received, date and time of your session are agreed and confirmed. Kat will visit you and your pet in your home. This is especially useful for those pets that are anxious, don’t do well on car journeys, have trouble getting in and out of the car or their owners might not have a car.
Should you be located further away, contact CDC Animal Therapy to discuss video consult session.


Kat will look at your pet’s walking pattern (also called gait analysis), check the muscle mass, range of motion of each joint, assess general condition of your pet while discussing medical history, diet and exercise routine- as these are all important contributors to the animal’s health. The most appropriate combination of treatment techniques for your pet will then be decided.


The treatment itself takes about 1 hour (might be a bit longer especially if this is your pet’s first session) and the recommended treatment plan will be discussed including any exercises or suggested changes in your pet’s routine and environment. Veterinary practice reports are also available on request to ensure your veterinarian is up to date with your pet’s progress.