What is Massage and Range of Motion?

Massage includes different techniques from slower movement, which provides with relaxing effect and heats up the muscles, through compression techniques, which ensure tissue blood enrichment to more rhythmic techniques. These help with the muscle tone.

Trigger points are extremely tender and usually radiate pain. Trigger points are produced by muscle stress such as overwork, repetitive motion or sudden excessive stretch. Different manual techniques are used to release sore and tight muscle spasms.
Range of motion assessment, Kat will check each of the joint and its movement in different positions which may involve joint flexion, extension, rotation, etc.

Massage, Trigger point therapy and Range of motion are all part of the soft tissue manual therapies.

What are the benefits?

Decrease in recovery time after surgery or injury
Mobility improvement- especially bone or muscle condition
Pain relief and muscle spasm relief
Blood supply increase
Increase in delivery of nutrients and oxygen in the muscles
Soreness and stiffness prevention- especially for arthritis and agility dogs
Distress, anxiety and discomfort relief
Removal of toxins out of the body
Adhesions and scar tissue break down