What is Reflexology?

There are important proprioceptors in the feet which communicate via the nervous system to the brain, giving information of when the foot is on the ground, which foot is landing first and pushing off last. These proprioceptors are vital for balance, correct movement (gait) and fluid movement. When the feet are tense, these proprioceptors can be inhibited, affecting the movement and potentially leading to postural compensations. By massaging these points, gait and dynamic posture can be improved.

Canine Reflexology uses this concept, where certain points in the paws are linked to every part of the body and acts on reflective zones (hence the term Reflexology). By massaging those points, the tension is released and can alleviate some medical conditions in the dogs. Reflexology can also be applied to the ears.

What are the benefits?

Relaxation and calming
Mobilization of joints in paws
Improvement in gait and movement
Tension release and improved proprioception
Pain relief for some chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis