What is Joint Mobilization and Stretch?

Joint Mobilization is used on stiff or hypermobile joints to increase joint capsule mobility, decrease pain and restore normal joint mechanics. These techniques help to release stiffness out of the post- operative joints such as stifle (knee), hip and elbow, however, geriatric and arthritic pets love the mobilization techniques as they decrease the pain and help them move more freely. Mobilization techniques can be performed on different joints, spine as well as ribs.

Stretching is critical to restore muscle flexibility and joint mobility following surgery, trauma or injury. During the hands-on stretching technique, Kat focuses on comfortably elongating the targeted muscle to decrease pain, spasm and encourage normal muscle flexibility.

Both of the techniques are very important in order to achieve increased range of motion and flexibility, prevent adhesions between soft tissue and bone, improve muscle and other soft tissue extensibility and to prevent further injury to joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

What are the benefits?

Improvement in tissue extensibility
Induce relaxation
Mobilize or manipulate soft tissue and joints
Modulate pain and reduce soft tissue swelling, inflammation or restriction
Increased flexibility and joint range of motion
Improved circulation
Better posture and stress relief
Enhancement of performance